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All You Need to Know about Our Upholstery Cleaning Services

NYC Upholstery Cleaning understands that our customers have a multitude of options to choose from when looking for upholstery cleaning services in NYC, and that they may have questions regarding our services before choosing us. Although we have included a list of answers to commonly asked questions we receive from prospective customers, we encourage you to call us at (646) 559-6176 with any additional concerns or inquiries you may have. Our experienced and friendly sales staff will be more than happy to address all your concerns. Give us a call today. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

NYC Upholstery Cleaning offers a variety of service packages to fit customers of every budget.
  • Economy Package


    (Shampooing, Steam-Extraction Cleaning and Light Stain Removal Services);

  • Basic Cleaning Package


    (Shampooing, Steam-Extraction, Stain Removal and Odor Treatment Services);

  • Luxe Package


    (Basic Package Services + Scotchgard Protection Service)

What Areas Do You Serve?

We are proud to serve our friend and neighbors in throughout New York City.

What Kind of Clients Do You Serve?

NYC Upholstery Cleaning is delighted to serve commercial and residential customers of all sizes.

How Long Will My Cleaning Take?

Each project has its own unique timetable; however, our professionals will work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Kind of Upholstery Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

NYC Upholstery Cleaning has the resources and expertise to offer a full range of upholstery cleaning services, including area rugs, carpets, restaurant carpets, furniture pet stains and odor removal and much more.

Do You Offer Any Kind of Special Discounts?

We are pleased to offer our first-time customers $20 off their first cleaning. We encourage customers to call us at (646) 559-6176 with any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Do You Use to Clean Upholstered Furniture?

We utilize the latest, cutting-edge technology to clean your upholstery, including our heavy-duty steam cleaning extractor whenever possible. Some fabrics may require a more delicate cleaning system. In this case, we will help you make a decision that best suits your needs and your furniture.

The Tag on My Furniture Recommends a Dry-Cleaning Method. Can You Clean It?

Yes. We are committed to the safety, longevity and preservation of your fabrics and will perform tests to determine which is the safest and most effective method.

Will Professional Cleaning Harm the Protective I Have Purchased on My Furniture?

It’s possible that professional cleaning can impact your protective coating; however, we can re-apply this coating following cleaning.

How Long Will My Furniture Take to Dry?

Drying time depends on type of fabric, condition of your upholstery (stained or not), indoor temperature and ventilation. Usually it takes from 3 up to 18 hours for upholstery cleaning.
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Our Clients Say About Us

NYC Upholstery Cleaning saved my vintage Chesterfield sofa from an expensive reupholstering job. That sofa had been in my family since the 1940’s and it was still strong and the fabric was beautiful and rugged. It was built to last for generations and now it will last another thanks to NYC Upholstery Cleaning. I have recommended them to several of my friends and co-workers without hesitation

Charles Gooding

My mother left me a Hollywood Regency style sofa that was very sleek but also very dirty. The piece held many memories for me of watching TV with her especially the daytime soap operas when I was home in the summertime. I called NYC Upholstery Cleaning in a desperate attempt to get it cleaned. The nice man who came to my apartment took one look at it and told me not to worry, that he could get it looking almost like new. After about thirty minutes of cleaning, the sofa had new life, the color was vibrant again. Every night when I sit and watch TV with my husband I think of those days with her. Than you NYC Upholstery Cleaning for saving my sofa and my memories.

Luann G. Reynolds

I had NYC Upholstery Cleaning here last Friday to clean my favorite armchair. I had tried to clean it myself and made it worse. I called another cleaner and he said it could not be cleaned. The cleaning tech from NYC Upholstery Cleaning said,” No problem.” He had at it and sure enough, it came clean like it was new. I am very pleased with the job done by the cleaner from NYC Upholstery Cleaning.

Roger Nuckolls